Penile Implant: What To Expect During Sex

Penile Implant: What To Expect During Sex

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Men who are considering a penile implant wonder what to expect during sex. It’s a logical cause for anxiety, but men find that worry is unfounded. Most men are quite satisfied with the surgery and would do it again. Let’s get back to the main question: what to expect during sex.

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Most Popular Penile Implants

If you have had difficulty with erectile dysfunction and nothing has improved your ability to have consistent and satisfying sex, a penile implant may be the answer for you.

An Inflatable Implant

The most popular penile implant is an inflatable one in which one or two inflatable silicone tubes are surgically placed inside the penis. A pump is placed inside the scrotum. When a man wants to have an erection, he only needs to press on the pump and the tubes will inflate.

After sexual intercourse, he presses again to drain the tubes.

These inflatable implants are the most natural feeling and usually the preferred option for men if they are candidates.

A Bendable Implant

With this type of implant, a semi-rigid rod is placed inside the penis. A man can straighten the rod when he wants an erection, and then bend it back to hide it.

What To Expect During Sex

Let’s begin by telling you that penile implants have the highest rate of satisfaction of all erectile dysfunction treatments by both men and women.

Other beneficial facts include the following:

  • A penile implant mimics a natural erection to have intercourse.
  • A penile implant does not affect a man’s sensation on the skin.
  • It does not affect orgasm.
  • Ejaculation is not affected.
  • With the inflatable implant, there has been no documented loss of size.
  • You have complete control of when you want to have an erection.
  • It will stop men from losing size due to ED.

After Surgery

It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover and be able to engage in normal activities and sexual intercourse.

four to six weeks after surgery a man begins training on using the device. Contact Dr. Green at (281) 957-9658 if you want more information about a penile implant and what to expect when having sex.

man and wife smiling.